Dr. Grayson Blom, B.Sc., D.C., Certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor



The last few years have been very painful for me.  When I was twelve my neck started hurting really bad, I couldn't even turn my head.  Later in life after I was married I had a gall bladder attack and had to have it removed.  I have also had two miscarriages.  Then about four years ago I started getting these horrible, horrible headaches that started from the base of my neck then went to my forehead.  They were way worse than migraines, which I got all the time too.  Then I started getting dizzy and nauseous all the time.  I was so dizzy that I was falling over at times.  I bought a magnetic necklace to try out.  It seemed to make the headaches bearable, but I still was dizzy.  Then I started having racing heartbeats, which took my breath away and made me light headed.

I met Dr. Blom a few months ago and he had talked to me about what was going on, and I probably had an injury to my neck.  We talked about what he could do to help me and I decided that maybe he was the one that could.  We started my treatment.  We talked about my symptoms, even the ones I didn't think were related, I found out that they were.  I have been coming to Dr. Blom for three months and I am continuing to get better.  My neck is getting better.  I am no longer dizzy anymore, my heart has stopped racing, and my headaches are almost completely gone. 

Dr. Blom is very knowledgeable and great to talk to.  He can explain what he is doing in terms that I can understand.  I know God led me to him, I am so grateful!

-  Julie Lewis


Before I started upper cervical care, I was getting dizzy just by looking up, down or moving too fast.  My equilibrium was way out of control.  I had pressure on the right side of my head and it scared me.  

Before I was taking a lot of motion sickness pills like Meclizine and decided that was not good for me. So I thought about trying to control it with upper cervical chiropractic care.  

Since I have been under upper cervical care with Dr. Blom, I have not had any bad experiences with dizziness.  What I like about the treatments is you do not take drugs, but follow instructions from the doctor.  

It has changed my life and the way I feel.  Thank you Dr. Blom. 

- Patricia Waller


My medical diagnoses were for both Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia, both on the right side of my head. Trigeminal Neuralgia causes severe face pain triggered by cold air or a breeze, and Occipital Neuralgia causes a continuous debilitating headache.

I was diagnosed by an Ear Nose & Throat Doctor and prescribed medication to lessen the symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia which was fairly effective. A few years later the headache began, and it was eventually diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia by an Internal Medicine Doctor who prescribed another medication to try to lessen the headache. When that had little or no effect I was treated by an Ophthalmologist and given a series of four steroid injections into the Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerves with each having only a short term effect. I was then referred to a Neurologist who tried various medications to no avail. My last resort was to see a Pain Specialist and be treated with Radio Transmitted Ablations. These (4 in total) had varying degrees and durations of effect, and had a great deal of pain and discomfort associated with the treatments. They were also designed to cause permanent nerve damages. Then I heard about Dr. Blom.

After receiving my first treatment of upper cervical care followed by a three hour nap I woke up and the headache that I had been experiencing 24/7 for two years and nine months was “GONE”.

In addition, my need for pain narcotics was gone and I was able to titrate off of them in record time with no side effects. The medications for the two Neuralgias were next, and I have successfully stopped taking both of them with no returned symptoms.

I immediately became a “back sleeper” as recommended and sleep restfully, awaking rested and alert. The Depression brought on by chronic pain lifted and that medication was also stopped. My mind is clear again, and my speech and writing skills have returned to pre illness/medication levels. Digestive tract, skin, hair and nail health, sinuses, metabolism, energy level, strength and stamina have been restored and I once again have a GENERAL FEELING OF WELL BEING!

I have my LIFE back and my husband has his WIFE back!


- Kathleen Portello


I was in a car accident when I was a very young.  Then many years later another car accident.  Since then I have had debilitating migraines.  As the years passed the migraines became stronger often sending me to the ER.  The “cocktail” of drugs that was often given to me would leave me sleeping for days and other complications from the drugs.  I had tried everything I could to alleviate the pain in my neck going from doctor to doctor.  I spent countless hours in various doctor offices to find that the treatments would leave me with migraines and pain much worse than if I had done nothing.  Many nights I would walk the floors due to the pain, unable to lay down.

A friend told me about Dr. Blom's website that she had come across.  I went out and read about his treatments and how they were different from anything I had experienced in the past doctor visits.  How he had been able to assist others with far worse conditions.  I called immediately, I had been unable to lay down for five nights, and explained my condition of vertigo to Susan and she got me in immediately for an appointment.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as previous doctors had been unable to assist me in any type of pain management or treatment.  I arrived in the office knowing I was already in extreme pain and nausea from the vertigo.  I was examined and began my first treatment that day.  I was in his office that day for an extended period of time.  Dr. Blom worked on me attempting to provide relief of the vertigo, which was very difficult as I could not lay down without being sick.  I have since been a patient for almost a year.  My life has greatly improved, the vertigo symptoms and migraine's have greatly decreased.  I have not been to the ER since beginning my treatment with Dr. Blom.  

I have gotten my life back.  It just keeps getting better.  I can now do things I was unable to do for years.  Thank you Dr. Blom for getting me back on track to live life as we should be able to.

      - Paulette Frasier


I was first diagnosed with Meniere's disease in 2009.  I tried the low salt diet, antibiotics, antivirals, diuretics, massage, and various prescription drugs, but the symptoms would always return. I'd always have this feeling of fluid trapped in my ear. I could always tell when I was going to have an attack, because my ear would ring and then I would experience hearing loss and then the dizziness would come. When I've had these attacks, I would just lay in bed praying for it to stop.  I couldn't eat or sleep I was so nauseous.  At my lowest point I would be in tears thinking it was never going to stop. I did not want to live like this. 

I met Dr. Blom in the checkout line at the grocery store. He noticed how miserable I was and asked if I was OK. I told him about my Meniere's he asked me if I have had any neck injuries.  He explained that injury to the upper neck bones can cause Meniere's.  He gave me his card.  When I called him for an appointment I was having one of the worst attacks yet and I was so miserable.  

While we were looking at the x-rays Dr. Blom asked me if I had an accident about  25-30 years ago.  I still don't fully understand how he could tell that from the x-ray but I was involved in a car crash with my girlfriends in high school. I was a in the back seat and my head hit the side of the car really hard and I was knocked unconscious. I remember that my head and neck were really sore for quite awhile after that, but I never thought anything about it. 

After the first adjustment Dr. Blom had me rest on a bed in the back of the office and within a few minutes I started to feel some relief.  Over the next several days I began to feel better and better. What a blessing it has been to finally get some relief. Dr. Blom said that over the next several months my body would heal itself and it did!  Since beginning care my symptoms are GONE! 

I am so thankful I met Dr. Blom and for all of his help. I would highly recommend him to anyone.    

 - Cheryl Davis


I started getting headaches in 3rd grade.  My Mom took me to the optometrist who prescribed glasses.  The glasses did not help my headaches.  After being in several car accidents I started having a lot of neck pain. Being in college full time I spent a lot of time on my computer.  At the end of each day I had horrible headaches and soon I was experiencing loss of range of motion in my neck.  

I tried many things to get pain relief - physiotherapy, massage, medications, and traditional chiropractic.  I would get temporary pain relief from the chiropractor but I had to go every single day.  I resolved that my condition was not going to go away.  My husband found Dr. Blom and made me an appointment.  He took x-rays and was very thorough in asking about my previous problems.  After the very first adjustment I could tell a difference I felt more hope than ever before. 

I had gotten so bad by the time I saw Dr. Blom that I had a constant headache day and night.  I could hardly turn my head I saw black dots from my right eye and I couldn't look upwards without getting dizzy and nauseous.  Two days after my first adjustment I woke up without a headache.  My neck and shoulders felt loose and relaxed.  The black dots were gone and I was no longer dizzy. 

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Blom my life is completely different I can finally say I feel like my condition is treatable and can be cured.  I work on a computer a lot of the time and don't feel neck pain anymore.  I haven't had a headache in months.  I recommend Dr. Blom to all my friends and family! 

     - Lindsey Jordan


James was 9 pounds 10 ounces when he was born.  The Doctor had to use the manual suction on his head to help with delivery.  Ever since he was born James always had a lot of drainage from his right eye.  As he got older it got worse.  His pediatrician told me it was a blocked tear duct and that lots of babies had them most likely he would grow out of it, but if not it would require surgery.  

At the 9 month appointment the Doctor said it looked like surgery would be required to clear up the blockage.  

At my next appointment with Dr. Blom I asked him to check James.  He said that his readings indicated an adjustment was necessary.  He checked him at my next 2 appointments to be sure.  The adjustment was so quick and gentle James didn't even cry.  From that day on he never had any further drainage from his eye, I was so impressed! 

     - Lindsey Jordan on Behalf of Jame Jordan Jr. 


I am a 66 year old female and have been a patient of Dr. Blom since April 2013.  My husband started treatments a few months before and had experienced relief from extreme vertigo so I was encouraged to see him myself. 

I'm healthy for my age but in August 2012 I needed back surgery to correct calcification build up and a synovial cyst in my lower spine.  Nerve damage from the calcification and cyst caused weakness and loss of use in my left leg.  The surgeon thought I could have experienced an injury years ago, even as a child.  He was surprised that I wasn't a paraplegic due to the shift in my spine but my body chose to compensate for the injury and who knew?? I was very worried about continuing back issues after the surgery.  My physical therapists had warned my to be very careful so I didn't injure my back in the future.  I felt a little handicapped by this advice and it was another of the reasons I started seeing Dr. Blom. 

The initial exam entailed x-rays and questions about me.  My x-rays revealed deterioration and unnatural curvature in my neck.  Who knows which of the times I fell down or off something in the previous years of my life that caused these issues?  We also don't know if there is a connection between my neck damage and the injury to my lower spine.  

As a result of the first adjustment by Dr. Blom, I was relieved of a persistent pain in my upper back which occurred whenever I bent slightly forward and had been around for a while and now after receiving care my lower back pain is gone unless I overexert myself.  In the months since then I found that I have been able to do yard work, continue to run my small business, and have a normal life. 

Overall my sense of well-being has improved and I believe that my body truly is learning how to heal itself.  I also believe that results of this self-healing may continue to appear in the months and years going forward. Thanks Dr. Blom

     - CJ Brim,  Nampa, ID


I played football and wrestled all throughout junior high and high school.  I also work a physically demanding job.  My knees were the first problem area I noticed they were both swollen twice the normal size.  

I tried over the counter meds and physical therapy - nothing helped with the pain or swelling.  After years of the knee pain I started to have trouble with my hip and lower back.  I would find that my leg would go numb after a long day.  

Dr. Blom adjusted me and explained that all these issues stemmed from my upper cervical bones being misaligned.  I was skeptical - but a week after my first adjustment my knees were normal again and my leg was no longer going numb.  I am still as physical as before - but now it's without pain and swelling. 

     - James Jordan


When Rachel was 2 years and 2 months old she was ran over by the left side tires of a mini van.  This was on the 28th of February 2013.  She cracked her pelvic ring in 4 places and the base of her skull in 3 places. One fracture ran long from ear to ear and two that broke off of that break and went up and down the skull.  She was in the hospital for 6 days while she recovered from the injuries incurred that day.

She was in  SPICA cast for 4 weeks.  We started seeing Dr. Blom after the SPICA cast came off.  She did not get adjusted till the middle of May even though we started going to Dr. Blom in April because he found a crack in her neck that the hospital had not told us about so we waited until that was totally healed.  We saw him every week for the first 2 months or so. 

She had her first adjustment in May about 2 and 1/2 months after the accident.  About a week later on the 3rd of June she fell off a 9 and 1/2 foot slide and landed on a concrete slab.  She landed on top of her head and cracked her skull from her eye brow to her fontanel.  Off to the hospital we went again and stayed for 3 days.  As we left the hospital we went right to Dr. Blom's office and she was in need of an adjustment that was no surprise.  He knew she needed to be adjusted because of her previous readings.  So he adjusted her back in to place and rechecked her and sent us on our way.  

We have continued to see him for 5 months now and Rachel is doing great.  From the amount of damage she has experienced we worried that there might be some side effects and she has none as far as we can tell.  She is doing great.  She will tell us about her fall off the slide and her stay in the hospital but her personaility is the same and she has no fears of slides or cars but does have a healthy respect for them now.  I am so grateful for upper cervical care and the healing it has offered to my daughter.

     - Maurine Paul


My first experience with Meniere’s was in 2003.  The staff at the emergency room misdiagnosed my condition only making matters worse. After time the symptoms subsided and life went on.  Then in 2007 I was hit with another episode of Meniere’s.  My ENT at the time diagnosed the condition as Hy-drops. With steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs I was able to return to normal.   In 2011 I was stricken with the condition again and this time no medicine or traditional approaches were alleviating the symptoms.  

When the Meniere’s struck in 2011 I was prepared as I knew what I was in for from past experience but nothing prepared me for the non-stop vertigo and the potential that the vertigo would simply never stop.  I pursued every conceivable approach for resolution.  I followed the steroid, anti-inflammatory prescriptions as prescribed by my ENT.  I simply couldn’t maintain life being dizzy all the time.  At one point my ENT told me to “learn to live with it”.  I’ve lost 70% of my hearing in my left ear and 40% in the right.  I have loud and constant tinnitus in both ears and have purchased hearing aids to help with both conditions.  My mood and self-image were fading quickly as life in a constant state of dizziness is no fun at all.  I did all the reading and the prognosis was depressing to say the least.  What I read was that the condition is a syndrome meaning the medical community hasn’t a clue, the condition will only get worse over time and that Meniere’s is the most debilitating condition there is.  

I started looking for alternatives.  I visited chiropractors, naturopaths, Chinese Herbalist, faith healers and trauma work. I have tried every conceivable herbal, vitamin and mineral remedy with no success.   I had become desperate and would do and try anything.  One evening while reading an online Meniere’s support blog a member suggested looking into Upper Cervical Care; I jumped.  Looking for UCC professionals in my area I came across Dr. Grayson Blom.  

When I was 9 years old I went through the wind shield of my  mother’s car.  Shortly thereafter the migraines started.  I’ve managed the migraines with drugs and acupuncture.  My best results were with seasonal acupuncture sessions.  What a joy to not have the pain of a migraine simply from going outside.  The sun set me off.  I believe there is a direct relationship between the car accident and my migraines and Meniere’s.  This accident appears to be the root of my Upper Cervical troubles.  After reviewing my X-rays, Dr. Blom proceeded with a series of sessions.  Initially there were adjustments but as time went on the adjustments became very few. Nearly immediately after the first adjustment I noticed a difference.  My vertigo wasn’t as severe.   I have not had a need for my seasonal acupuncture adjustments for migraines since beginning the UCC treatment.  

While still under treatment for maintenance I have had but very minor episodes of vertigo since those adjustments began.  As time has passed the vertigo has completely stopped.  I no longer take any of the prescribed medication or alternative remedies and feel safe enough to fly and travel.  Adjusting the neck so that the body can heal was the answer.  I believe everyone would benefit from Upper Cervical Care and highly recommend Dr. Blom.  His passion 
and energy are unmatched and he truly is focused on correcting the body so the body can heal itself.

Thanks Dr. Blom I believe you’ve helped get my life back.

     - Tim


This is what I posted in July, 2012 to a forum for undiagnosed disease:
“I have had migrating joint swelling episodes since 13 years old (I'm now 47), sometimes with joint pain, but mostly pain from pressure of swelling. It has always been one or both knees, it doesn't matter which one. Years later, the ankles and chest (on top of the ribs) had a lot of pain, with sudden onsets and remission states. 
This current flare ( the past 7 months) includes for the first time; thigh muscle weakness (to the point that I can't walk on my own), chest & 
hip-joint pain, and tremors of  my head as if I had Parkinson's. At times, my body has tremors ranging anywhere  between a vibration feeling, to being “shivery” when I try to stand or walk. 
The tremors seem to coincide with the severity of joint and muscle weakness, but there are days with only tremors of my head and body, and then it's gone completely! The back of my head at the base of the skull has hurt real bad all this time and I can't turn my head much.
There has never been a positive ANA or rheumatoid factor in any of my  tests. The doctors throughout the years have no idea what the problem is - and they still don't all of these years later. I'm wondering if I have MS... Any ideas?”

If it were not for my husband meeting Dr. Blom in November of 2012, I would have eventually been in a wheelchair the rest of my life – with no 
explanation as to why!
The x-rays of my skull and neck showed what the problem had been all along. My neck was curved backward, the atlas bone was tilted, which ultimately caused my spine to twist and have 2 curves. 
Dr. Blom told me that there had to have been a blunt force trauma to cause my neck to be so bad. Furthermore, he could tell by the look of the bones in the neck that it was a very old accident. I had never been in a car accident, the only thing I could remember happening was bouncing down cement stairs on the top of my head when I was 3. He grinned, as if to say, “That explains it”.  
My body had to compensate for the atlas bone being knocked out of place at age 3, which, over time, created the curves of  the neck and spine. 
Ten years later, at age 13, the first symptoms showed up. Thirty-four years later, the nerves, descending from the skull, were being pinched from my spine (which had been continuously twisting). The end result – the brain was unable to communicate with the thigh muscles to tell them to move. Sounded reasonable...
After the adjustment (pushing the atlas back where it belongs), he had me go to a room to lie down for 30 minutes, and that's when I knew this was 
my solution! It was the oddest, yet most exciting experience lying there! Instantly, my thighs and knees were getting fluttering spasms in short spurts all over my problem areas. Furthermore, the pain at the base of my skull went away, and the uncomfortable pulling of the muscles across the right side of my back became relaxed.
Everyday since then I have been able to walk, and the tremors are gone. After those 7 months of sitting on the couch day-after-day, I can finally start to get my life back! I can feel my body changing everyday - for the better.
Upper Cervical Chiropractic became the solution and answer to all of my questions. All Doctors need to know that there is another option when there is no disease to be found. If there is nothing wrong in any blood test, the Dr. should then ask if the patient has been in an accident. If the answer is “Yes”, they should refer them to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.
- Gretchen Baker


I am a survivor of spinal fusion in C5,6,& 7. I have good range of motion, but after 10 years, the spine doctors told me I would have to have the surgery re-done. That original surgery was about the end of me. I had to wear a hard collar 24-7 for ninety days. Near the end of that term, I was practically suicidal, unable to do most anything I was accustomed to doing. For the 
following ten years, I was in a constant state of pain, rated about a 5 every day. 

 I met Dr. Blom and we discussed my problems. After telling him of my situation, he advised me to visit him and learn about how we could remedy my pain. I felt very encouraged after my first appointment. After seeing how qualified and knowledgeable Dr. Blom was, I was hopeful that I would be able to get better under his care. After the first adjustment, I could tell immediately 
that something new was happening to my spine. We discussed that it would take time to reverse years of pain, but that it would not take many adjustments. I have been seeing Dr, Blom for a little over six months, and have had only three 
or four adjustments. 

With proper alignment, my spine is mending itself. My body is its own best doctor, fixing problems it couldn't do when the upper cervical bones were out of place. You know, if you cut your finger, you don't have to do much, because the body knows how to mend the cut. The same is true of body alignment.  If the first two vertebrae are in line, the rest will follow. My pain level has 
decreased to about a 1 or 2 most days, with many days pain free. I know that will improve over time, as my body adjusts to being in proper alignment. I firmly believe that all of this is possible because of the expert diagnosis and treatment I received from Dr. Blom. If you want your body to heal, you must give Upper Cervical Health Center a try. I know, I've been to other chiropractors, with no improvement in my health. I feel extremely confident in recommending Dr. Blom. He is the real deal, and I am living proof that he can help you heal.  There is no magic bullet, but Upper Cervical Health provides a true path to 
regaining your health. 

-  Joe Rollins


I suffered from severe headaches for about 12 years before seeing Dr. Blom.  My headaches came and went during this period, and at times I would go several years without having one.  However, when I had bouts with headaches, I would get two to three per month, with each headache lasting up to four days.  The pain was severe, accompanied by intense nausea making it impossible to work.  It was stressful for my family as well, as I was unavailable to them for long periods of time. 

I searched for treatment over the years from nearly every possible outlet.  I visited numerous neurologists, took dozens of medicines (none of which worked and many that had negative side effects) and tried anything else that could help.  The only thing that gave me some relief (but not a cure) was chiropractic visits.  I was ready to give up on traditional medical care. 

I first visited Dr. Blom in the summer of 2011. Within the first two visits, I was already feeling relief.  Dr. Blom's inital diagnosis gave a clear picture of what he believed to be wrong, how he wanted to fix it, and how long he thought it would take.  (This was in stark contrast to other "headache specialists" who would often shrug their shoulders and tell me that headaches were often a mystery and we had to experiment to find a cure.)  Within a few months the headaches were coming less often, and their severity had lessened greatly.  About a year after seeing Dr. Blom, my headaches had disappeared and my overall health had improved. 

Dr. Blom's approach is to focus on information, overall health and letting the body fix its problems.  The difference he made in my health and quality of life was immense. Without his help, I believe that it may have become impossible to work regularly.  My family is also happy with his efforts because now I am healthy and able to spend time with them every day.  
- Casey


Prior to going to see Dr. Blom I lived a life in fear wondering what I would be able to do each day without causing myself to be in pain where it would 
take me a day or more to recover from doing just normal everyday tasks.  I couldn't sleep at night because no matter what position I would lay in it would cause me discomfort.  I would wake up every hour and REM sleep was not a part of my life because I lived like a zombie just trying to exist and to function one day at a time depressed and unhappy because my aches and pain in my neck , shoulders and lower back would run and control everything that I did.  I used to be able to dance, walk, sit, stand, drive, bend over to pick something up off the floor and get in and out of my car, not to mention the difficulty I had cleaning my house.  My physical limitations told me what it was that I could and could not do.  For an active person who worked in the entertainment field and traveled all over from the age of 4, I was in a jail with no life, becoming lost within myself, losing track of who and what I was.  The pain started with an injury that I received in a car accident when I was a child but, over the last 5 years has gotten worse to the point where I could hardly move. 

I have always been on a spiritual path in my life and the type that would always choose non-traditional medicine or a naturopathic route.  Going through traditional medicine, Chiropractors, massage therapists, healers, energy workers, self-healing, and meditation as much as possible to keep my mind off of my pain and limitations.  Councelors thinking that my mind was wacky because I couldn't have a normal structured daily life.  The end result was that I could never heal due to this. 

Within two weeks and one treatment I was wondering what was wrong with me, because I was now able to sleep, I am able to walk for long periods of time, my mind is clear and I have the clarity to focus better, and I am no longer getting lost in myself and my head.  Most of all I am now in control of what I want to do when I want to do it.  I now have more structure to my life and I am more at peace and relaxed.  

It took a long time to find this kind of care and with rest and not pushing myself and taking baby steps in all that I have gotten back so far.  I am confident that I will start dancing and being one with nature again and all the beauty of life that heals me. 

Thank you from my heart, 

- Michele C. 


This missive is intended to provide a favorable, empirical and objective report on the virtues of Upper Cervical Healthcare.  My testimonial is long overdue, but I have been feeling so well, there simply hasn’t been time to sit still and compose such a letter.  Now, having survived another Turkey Day, it is time to acknowledge my belief in the benefits of Dr. Grayson Blöm’s Upper Cervical care. 
My slow downward spiral was probably initiated at about age 18 when involved in one of those ubiquitous Los Angeles freeway pileups.  The passage of MANY decades, several subsequent vehicle accidents (never my fault, I assure you), and a no-holds-barred approach to work and recreation all conspired to result in almost constant neck pain, migraine headaches and general discomfort.
Before I met Dr. Grayson Blöm, I had investigated and rejected chemical and surgical solutions, traditional chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture and a variety of massage techniques.  Most provided some measure of temporary relief but none addressed the idea of restoring health to the entire body.  I have appreciated not only the successful adjustments (in fact, very few have actually been required to maintain the desired status!) but also the increased knowledge and understanding of the process itself provided by Dr. Blöm.   
Unconventional as it might appear, I first met Dr. Blöm in the produce department of my neighborhood grocery.  His enthusiasm and amicability were contagious and inspired me to want to learn more about his chiropractic methods. 

I made an appointment on the spot and thus began my association with his healthcare program. Adopting this participatory and pro-active approach to good health, I will continue with Dr. Blöm’s treatments and recommendations.  I am feeling great – both mentally and physically – and anticipate adding more productive and healthy years to my life!  Thanks, Doc! 
Loralee Gray


I grew up seeing a general chiropractor regularly but didn't see any results from the visits. Before I started going to see Grayson I was having lower back pain on a daily basis. This made it very difficult for me to play the sports I love. After being under his care my back pain has gone away along with my short leg that I was walking around with. I have found that my colds have reduced in frequency since I've been under his care as well. If you're on the fence about seeing another chiropractor don't be. Getting care from him was the best decision I have ever made. He's very knowledgeable about health and where it comes from and is willing to share that info. It does not come from masking the symptoms with drugs!




Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Grayson Blom I had spent over 20+ years in the Army, and throughout that time, I injured my back on more than one occasion.  Over the years I suffered from chronic pain throughout my whole body and especially in my lower back.  Then one day I was talking to a friend and she suggested that I go see Dr. Grayson Blom.  I was very hesitant and skeptical about going and seeing a Chiropractor. 

I talked to my family doctor and also my knee surgeon.  My knee surgeon recommended me to see a neurologist doctor.  The neurologist talked to me about doing surgery on my back.  I was not going to have that done because most people that I knew that had back surgery ended up worse than the day before the surgery. 

Dr. Grayson Blom took the time to explain to me how the body actually works and he also gave me pamphlets to read so I could further understand how the bones, muscles, and nervous system work in our bodies.  

I am very glad that I went to see him.  I don't suffer from all the pain that I used to have and I don't have to take all of those drugs anymore.  Most people don't realize that taking a lot of drugs just masks the problem and it really doesn't fix the problem.  Over the years of taking drugs you can end up having, or creating, new and different problems.  My life has changed quite a bit now and that is why I have taken the time to write this testimonial.  Now I tell all of my friends about upper cervical care.  It will definitely make a difference in your life.  For those people who may be thinking about having back surgery, don't do it until you check with an upper cervical provider first. 

Robbie Robinson 


I am in my early eighties.  Over many years I have had Chiropractic adjustments for neck and/or hip pains.  However I had trouble holding the adjustments for neck and/or hip pains.  More recently I had a persising sore spot in my neck.  General Chiropractic would relieve it for 3 weeks.  Treatment by Dr. Blom has completely solved the problem!  For several months now the pain has not recurred. 

Gloria DeYoung


Prior to starting treatment with Dr. Blom I had a Hip that would go out of place at times for the last 15 years. My right arm had pain from the shoulder to the elbow for the past 2 years. There was pain between my shoulder blades for the past 5 years. Also have suffered allergy problems for approximately 20 years. I tried general Chiropractic treatment with adjustments sometimes 3 times per week and received some relief. After recieving Upper Cervical Care for the past 3 months lower back pain is gone, my hip has stayed in place and the pain in my right arm is gone. Allergies have improved and I seem to have more energy. 

Shirley Phifer


Before Coming to Upper Cervical Health Centers, I had constant pain and tension in my neck and upper shoulders coupled with a headache that made me want to curl up in bed. I am a parent of a child with special needs so I thought a lot of my problems stemmed from lifting a growing child. In September 2011 I went to a general chiropractor in Alaska, after being seen a few times we decided to x-ray my neck.  The x-rays showed reverse cervical lordosis, and I was recommended a cervical pump. However, I showed no improvement and my symptoms continued to worsen.  

After moving to Idaho in late January I sought out help in May because my quality of life was being affected due to my pain.  Dr. Blom took in depth x-rays and was able to give me a definitive cause for my symptoms.   A subluxated C1.  I finally had an answer to the pain that had been growing worse for the last two years. After my first adjustment my body started adjusting, and I had no headache.  I am happy to say that I continue to be headache free, with no chronic neck/shoulder pain, and my body finally feels the age I am. 

Thank you!

     - Lauren Allen


I frequently suffered from migraines & upper/lower back pain. My neck bothered me for years with stiffness & many times was unable to turn my head more than 20-30 degrees. I had been treated for these issues on & off over the last 25 years by traditional Chiropractic methods & it always helped but only temporarily. I have tried acupressure, acupuncture, etc. several times with the same results.

Since coming to Dr. Grayson I feel much better overall & my body is actually balanced. I have not had a true migraine since & 
my neck is turning now without pain. I recently went skiing which is a passion of mine & I have never felt better or skied as well in years. 

I am blessed that an accident I had led me to this clinic :)
     - Peggy Liles


For more than 3 1/2 years I suffered from pain and popping in my neck. The pain level was a constant level of 6-8. I believe I sustained an injury while handling/planting a large tree by myself. I was in a car accident more than 20 years ago that caused injury to the muscles in my neck and made the upper cervical area curve outward, but I recovered from it and had no other symptoms. I believe handling the tree aggravated the old injury and/or misaligned the atlas bone. 

I was diagnosed, by chance, with "cervical spine disease" when I recieved a CT scan to look for something else. I asked for a referral from my doctor and was told that there is nothing that can be done. Over the 3 1/2 years, during routine exams, I mentioned the condition to another doctor and physician's assistant and they both didn't really acknowledge my concern. They didn't try to help me at all. I was frustrated. I did research online; which explained the condition, but really didn't offer any treatment. So, I lived with the discomfort and took ibuprofen when I was really uncomfortable. I don't like to take meds of any kind. I thought a chiropractor would probably be able to help me, but I have never been to one. 

One of my co-workers knew of my condition and told me her Upper Cervical Health Care Specialist, Dr. Blom, was having a patient apprecaition day and I should call for a consultation. I called, made an appointment got interviewed and examined. At the next appointment the results and treatment plan were reviewed and I was adjusted for the first time in my life. The relief from the pain was instant. Since that first adjustment my discomfort level has never been over a 2. Lately it has been below a 1. Dr. Blom is great about explaining "in laymens's terms" how the misalignment affects your body. I like understanding what is happening and why. Now I have no discomfort and worry 99% less about my condition, because I know it will correct itself with continued care from Dr. Blom. I feel so much better and have more energy. 

      - Denise Jaco


After receiving treatment I experienced head-to-toe "cleansing". My eyesight improved, my sinuses cleared, ears popped and it was easier to swallow!   
My airways opened and my colon was cleansed as well.   I'm experiencing greater mental clarity and focus (a difficult thing for me!). 

My health has improved! I'm off my antidepressants. 

      - Julie Ottomeyer


Before receiving upper cervical care. I was having headaches nearly every day. I was also having a lot of neck & back pain which made it difficult to sleep at night.  Instead of seeking treatment, I was just taking ibuprofen or migraine medicine which was only a temporary cover-up of my symptoms.

I have been getting upper cervical care for about 3 months now and my symptoms have tremendously improved. Headaches are far and few between.  I even went 4 weeks w/o a single headache which is a record for me!  My back & neck muscles are not so tight and the pain is practically gone.   I am sleeping better at night and have more energy throughout the day.  I am feeling better than ever and will definitely keep upper cervical care in my life.  Thanks!!

     - Sarah VanEgmond


Prior to becoming a patient I was having headaches almost every day after I got off work. I would have periodic low back pain and pinching in my low back that would run down my leg. I also had upper back and neck pain

I have seen a traditional Chiropractor for years and have not gotten the total body relief that I have experienced with Upper Cervical Care. My allergies have improved to the point where I don’t need to take seasonal allergy medicine. I also don’t have any low back pain. My body seems to know how to align itself now that my neck bones, C1 & C2, are where they should be. My neck pain and headaches are pretty much non-existent. I really appreciate having the clarity now after work to function and make dinner for my family. 

     - Lee McCormick


Before becoming a patient of Upper Cervical care I had intermittent pain in my right hip, shoulders, neck, and back from previous injuries. My left leg often felt shorter than my right leg when walking on hard surfaces. 

For my shoulder injuries I have tried physical therapy and exercises. For my neck, back, and hip injuries I have tried various exercises and other Chiropractors treatments.

Since I have become a patient under Upper Cervical care my neck is better, and my hip and back are much improved with less pain, and I am having fewer occurances of pain with them. I am more relaxed and am sleeping much better at night. Also both legs feel the same length now. 

     - Marie Jetley


I originally had chronic neck/shoulder pain and sharp pains in my left thumb. Since coming to Upper Cervical Health Centers. My pain has decreased greatly and I actually don't have anymore hand pain

     - Susan Johnson


Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Blom's in January of 2011, I continually woke up every morning with close to intolerable lower back and hip pain. Within the first 3-4 months my lower back pain had almost completely disappeared and the hip pain has become a rare occurrence. I've been using my inhaler considerably less and have been sleeping a lot better. 

Prior to Dr. Blom I hadn't seen a professional about my pain and discomfort except for one visit with another back specialist 12 years prior.  

I have to stand for 8 hours a day at work and not waking with this pain, and with an extreme reduction of pain throughout the day has helped with my work performance. Outside of work I can do complete yard work, house work and other physical activity without worrying about being "bed-ridden" the next day. 

This really has been a positive investment for me and I appreciate very much what Dr. Blom and my body have done for me and my day to day life. 
     Justin Sholley


In the beginning I had chronic headaches, heart not beating properly, strong lower back pain, numbness in my upper back, and I was not getting enough sleep. 

I had been seeing a general Chiropractor sometimes twice a week. Sometimes I would hold an adjustment for a week but most of the time only a day or two. 

After seeing Dr. Blöm for the first time the headaches and the heart misbeating stopped almost a week after the visit. The numbness and lower back pain about a week later. I started sleeping better and I noticed a straightening in my posture. I am now a firm believer in Upper Cervical care

    Mark Johnson


Before starting Upper Cervical care I was having several headaches per week. I was bothered by a dislocated knee cap and I had lost my sense of taste and smell. 

I had physical therapy 5 days a week for my knee and took 1200mg of anti-inflammatory medication then glucosamine. I used to take a lot of Ibuprofen, and Excedrine for the headaches.

After my first adjustment I felt like I was standing straighter. My taste and smell would come and go for a few weeks and is now back. My headaches are gone. The inflammation in my knee is reduced and I am waiting to see if that allows me to do activities I had to stop.

    Kathy Eckert


Prior to coming in, I have seen Chiropractors in California, North Carolina, and Oregon, they all told me I would see a Chiropractor for the rest of my life. Being a very active person my life was put on hold for 3 years while I spent thousands of dollars for multiple Chiropractic visits per week. I thought this was my future and I was not too excited about it.

We moved to Boise about 7 months ago. A miracle led us to Dr. Blöm and my back has never been better. His easy approach, limited adjustments with great results has changed my lifestyle and attitude. I am grateful for Dr. Blöm and the Upper Cervical care he provides, it has been such a blessing.

    Buster Pettit 

We have been to MANY Chiropractors in the past and coming here has changed our whole outlook toward healthcare.

Now we do not “mask” our pain/fever etc. with medications instead we let the body do its work.

    Kendra Pettit


Before I began seeing Dr. Blom, I went to a Chiropractor regularly. I had issues with my arm feeling like it was “out of socket” and my hips would feel like they were “catching” and it was difficult to walk. He would adjust that part of my body, but I would always return later when it occurred again. Since coming to Dr. Blom and having my neck aligned, I no longer have the other problems (arm, hips, and spine). It’s been well over a year and I have not had them re-appear. Having my neck aligned has made them non-existent. 

    Lisa London   


I was having back pain constantly and was seeing a chiropractor weekly to be adjusted. Now, being under upper cervical care I don’t have pain and my back stays in place all the time. I had also had headaches until this care. Now I’m not having headaches at all. It is nice to not be taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) all the time. 

    Paula Merrill       


I have had pain in my shoulder and neck areas for years. It has gradually gotten worse. I have been under a chiropractor’s care all this time. The relief I got was minimal and temporary. I had grown used to living with the pain. A year ago I had an MRI showing several bulging disks in my neck causing nerve pressure in my shoulder area. After beginning upper cervical care, I have very little pain left in my shoulder. My range of movement is better and I feel better overall. I really appreciate feeling so much better.   

    Renae Jacques 


I first came to the office with shoulder pain. I have had this pain for many years and it was getting worse. I had been to see Family Doctors and general Chiropractors with no results. Since I began Upper Cervical Care Dr. Blom found the cause of my problem and corrected it. I have had no pain and feel great. I think other people should come in because it really works.

    Patsy Titsworth - L.P.N


About 8 months ago I began having problems with both my hands and arms. For some unknown reason my arms and hands began to get numb a lot and at night they would get so bad I could not sleep for they would not only become swollen the pain was excruciating. I was losing sleep and my work production dropped. I decided to seek medical attention. All the medical doctors did was prescribe me medication that would take the pain away while I slept but when I would awake my hands felt twice as bad. I met Dr. Blom at a screening and on my first visit to his office he examined me and explained Upper Cervical Healthcare and how it could help my problems. I have now been seeing Dr. Blom for 3 months and the results have been extraordinary. My hands no longer swell and I have been going longer and longer periods without any pain in my hands! I am now more productive at work and have been sleeping better. From the beginning Dr. Blom told me that my body just needed a little help to heal and he couldn’t have been more right.

Thank you Dr. Blom for making my daily life so much better. 

     Yasmin Millan - Prepcook


I was in an auto accident in late August 2006. I have had 2 major operations to repair some of the damage I suffered in that accident, as I had three fractured vertebrae in my neck (now fused), and  three discs repaired (or trimmed) in my upper-mid back. There is more, but I will note bore you with details. The upshot of all of this is that I was an invalid for about 1 1/2 years, and contemplating a third surgery in August 2008, when I happened upon Dr. Grayson Blom.

While I was feeling better than before the surgeries, I was having a big problem with sciatica in my right leg. It was getting difficult to walk. I was hunched over to the right, and my upper-mid back pain had not seen any significant improvement since recovery from the two surgeries in 2007. Dr. Blom examined my spine, and explained how my upper neck was misaligned and it was affecting the rest of my back, and delaying or preventing healing. I gave him a shot. Almost immediately, my sciatica was greatly reduced. I could walk again! Happy day! Since that time, the sciatica and other associated problems in my right leg have almost completely disappeared! I am FINALLY feeling some improvement in my upper-mid back. I was not cured in one or two sessions. Realistically, I do not think that possible. The main point is, after all this time I finally have some hope. I continue to see Dr. Blom once a week. I continue to improve. I continue to get some of my life back, bit by bit. I feel fortunate that I met Dr. Blom maybe the Lord’s hand put him in my path. For that, I am grateful. 


    Robert Hinckley - Surveyor


I have never written a testimonial before, but I wanted to do so now. I have had migraines on an almost daily basis for 35 years. I’ve been to several doctors, spent thousands of dollars on tests, tried every drug that came out, but nothing stopped these terrible headaches. I took a lot of pain medication, which also caused depression, so I took medication for that too. 

Since I have been treated by you, my migraines are almost completely gone – I’ve only had 2 in the last nine months, both times because I was not diligent in keeping up with my visits to you. I will not let that happen again. I have never felt better in my life – I don’t use the pain or depression medication anymore and am saving hundreds of dollars a month on these medications and doctor visits. I had forgotten what it was like to feel good.

It has now been 14 months that you have been treating me and not only are the migraines gone, my allergies are gone and my allergy to shellfish has now disappeared as well.  I can eat shrimp again with no horrible headache!!!  I also had some lumps in both breasts that the doctors were watching.  Although they were considered benign fibrous tissue, they seemed to behave like we would watch them until they turned in to cancer. Well, these lumps are just not there any more.  So, I'm relieved about that too.  Also I have been taking thyroid replacement drugs for almost 20 years now for a sluggish thyroid and I am happy to report that this medication has been reduced 3 times.  I am currently taking no thyroid replacement until my next blood test to determine if I need any.  What a miracle!!  I have never felt better.

Thank you with all my heart.


    Delores Walker Kelly - Real Estate Agent


I first started seeing Dr. Blom for sleeping problems most likely associated with my anxiety.  I have suffered from anxiety for about 6 years with the worst being about 4 years ago while I was in college.  Now, working full time as a teacher and continuing my education, my level of stress is as high as ever. I had been to other doctors and psychologists all of which prescribed some form of an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or sleeping pill.  After 6 years I was willing to try anything. Within a month of seeing Dr. Blom, I noticed myself sleeping and feeling much better.  My feelings of anxiety greatly decreased and I know that my feeling better improved my ability at work and school.  I forgot what it felt like to feel good. Beginning care with Dr. Blom has been one of the best decisions I have made. I feel great, healthy and happy thanks to Dr. Blom!

    Maggie - Special Ed teacher


I first came to the office for Depression and Urinary Tract Problems.  I have been suffering with depression since my sophomore year of high school and have been having urinary tract problems consistently since my Junior year of high school. I have been everywhere for help with these problems. I have been to Psychologists, and was put on anti depressants for the depression. I have seen many urologists, done physical therapy and even had exploratory surgery.  Depression was controlled but never went away. No results with the urinary tract problems. Dr. Blom has helped me greatly with both of these problems. I am happier than I have ever been and my Urinary Tract problems have gone away entirely. No more depression or Urinary problems! Others should come to the office simply because it works. The results that I have had with Dr. Blom's Care are unlike anything I could ever imagine. After being educated about Upper Cervical Care and seeing it for myself the amazing results it can produce. I feel that everyone should receive Upper Cervical Care. It can change so many things for the better. 

    Mary Loughead - Student


I first came to the office because I had been having neck pain and stiffness in my neck. After my very first adjustment I noticed my posture was better and I realized I had been limping slightly. That was resolved with treatment. It's wonderful to feel so good as I am 73 years old!

Update: I just wanted to share some more of the positive changes that I have experienced since I began care in your office. First of all my neck and shoulder pain has really decreased, I used to get leg cramps frequently, and had trouble sleeping, all are greatly improved. Also I would like to mention that I haven't had a cold or been sick since I began care even though other people around me have been getting sick. I used to catch colds quite frequently but not anymore.  The most important thing I would like to share with you is that I went to my endocrinologist and he couldn't belive it but my thyroid has started working again so they had to reduce my thryroid hormone dosage. 

Thank you so much,

    Mary Kelly - Care Giver


I have been impressed with all my experiences at Upper Cervical Clinics Of Idaho. I had previously gone to a couple of other Chiropractors that definitely helped me with my back pain. However, my over-all back health was very up and down, no matter what I or they did. Many of the adjustments and solutions they provided for my back pain always felt temporary or short term. My back problems and over-all health have felt much more consistent with the assistance I have received from Dr. Blom. I also feel like I'm progressively getting better instead of going up and down, over and over again.
The initial exam that I received from Dr. Blom immediately made me feel like he was different from other Chiropractors. The exam was much more thorough than I had previously experienced. He really tried to get to the root of my back problems and find the best solution to restore me to proper health. It also made me feel like I wasn't just another number on the patient list. I also feel that Dr. Blom has a large emphasis on patient education. He is always sharing great information with me at almost every appointment. He seems to have a passion for keeping himself and his patients up to date with the latest medical research and methods in wellness.

I've been dealing with back pain for around a decade now and I'm starting to feel like it is possible to get to a point where it won't be effecting my daily life. If you feel like your not making progress with your current chiropractic care provider, I recommend giving Upper Cervical care a try. It feels like the future of chiropractic care.

    Ben Wilson - Artist

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